“Art is a way to express yourself. Through art, we can communicate, we are able to show our own ideas and thoughts, and we feel freedom to show ourselves to the world. Because of art, we can raise our voices, we can claim without fear. Femmeart arises from this interior necessity, from the interior voice who urges to rebel.”

What is Femmeart?
Femmeart it is a quarterly editorial publication where, through interviews and women’s opinions, we take a closer look on the life of these women, talking about current and controversial topics. With a different perspective, we would like to overcome imposed stereotypes and show own thoughts

Paula_Carbonell_Femmeart7Paula_Carbonell_Femmeart9Paula_Carbonell_Femmeart10Paula_Carbonell_Femmeart12“Women raise their voices more and more. Women with different lives, women who are able to revolutionize the society with their experiences, are able to show that there is not only one role model or woman prototype. Are able to show that the freedom of every woman resides in herself. Women who, with their lives, with her daily struggles, create art.

For that reason, Femmeart doesn’t only talk about art. We talk about business, about literature, about feelings, about femininity, about politics, about equality, about street life and daily difficulties. We definitely talk about current reality.”



Sandra is a girl who was born at the end of the 70s in Barcelona. Ever since she was a little girl she took it upon herself to mediate between arguing peers in the school yard and tried to organize the games, and therefore, it is not a surprise that she became a psychologist when she grew up. For a long time, she denied her feminine facet, until she discovered that she doesn’t feel bad for being a woman, she was only disappointed with the idea of women that the mass media and the society imposed to her. With that, she could comprehend that a lot of women had masculine postures and that it is very important to reconnect with this femininity, so, she started to do different workshops and courses to facilitate that reconnection.


Walking around of La Boqueria (the most famous market in Barcelona), we meet Carme, a woman of 70 years and full of energy who has worked in the market for 50 years. She started with 2000 pesetas (appr. 12 Euros/ 10 Pounds ) and now she has 3 stands. Too critical with the actual society, she thinks that people and young people have lost their values, losing the love that they felt for each other, and that this is the fault of the politicians and the government.


It was month October and until that moment the scale is after me. Heft everything: the words, the seeings, the smells. But sometimes, I want go out of the equilibrium and torn out the corner of the verses for mislead the plates, the weights, the measures. In that moment, I hit out of the words most crazies and hug them before they going out. From that sudden leak, I normally bring out poems.” In that way Silvia, a young poet from Barcelona, introduces herself.


Africa is a 50-year-old woman managing a shop, housewife, sometimes also an economist and psychologist. When she was 40, she had to take one of the most difficult decisions in her life: She decided to divorce her husband and sell their flat. Now, she tells her story.


Kelly is a woman in her 30s (who prefers to hide her identity) who was working as a prostitute for three years. Now she is the boss of an Escort Agency and she explains us in private how that unknown and controversial world works. Kelly is accompanied by Jaume, the photographer of the agency, who has a critical way of thinking.


La Dinamitera is an independent art festival dealing with the exclusion of the women in the artistic and cultural world, reflecting on the mechanisms that produce these situations and dynamics that can overcome them, reveal the work of the artist to the public and build networks in the collective that allow to gain real equality.


We from Femmeart think that information and culture should be free, for that reason we provide you with our web page where you can read all the interviews. We also have a section where you can download the online publication.